Vala Kids is a package that offers a smart watch for your kids and allows parents to communicate and monitor the location of their child.

More than just a watch!

  • The parent receives information in the application about the location of the child at all times inside of Kosovo’s territory. Information about the location of your child is updated every five seconds.
  • You can stay in touch with your child anytime with the help of an application called Myki Watch.
  • Vala Kids Smart Watch is connected with this application through a Vala Sim Card, which sends all the information you need and makes possible your communication with your child (calls and voice messages).
  • Thanks to the integrated touch sensor, you know whether your child has taken off the watch or is wearing it at the moment.
  • Through the MyKi Watch application, you can add up to three numbers which enter through the SOS button. After the button has been pressed, this smart watch starts repeatedly calling these three numbers until connection is made.
  • You can download the mobile application for Android (Google Play Store) or IOS (App Store).

Main Functions on the App

Outgoing and incoming calls The MyKi Watch can make and receive calls from every number added on app.
Speed Dial After button 1 has been pressed, the watch starts calling the first number registered in the phone book.
Authorised numbers Through the “Authorized numbers” menu, you can add the numbers which your child can receive calls from.
Communication via SMS Vala Kids Smart Watch can send and recieve SMS and voice messages.
Communication via e-mail You will get email notifications every time button SOS is pressed, when battery is low, when your child takes the watch off, etc.).
Phone book You can add 10 numbers on App’s Phone book.
Date and time Right after the first registration, MyKi shows the right date and time on its screen.
Volume Control During an incoming and an ongoing call, the sound volume of MyKi can be adjusted.
Alarm You can create up to 3 wake-up alarms for your kids
Safe area Vala Kids will notify you every time your child enters or exits an area outside of the “safe area” you selected on app.
Speed limit You can set a maximum speed with which your child should be moving. In case it is passed, your will immediately be notified.