Enjoy our data bundles while using our fast mobile internet everywhere and anytime!

Once the package is spent, price is 0.0015€/100kb.

Activation via SMS

Send an SMS to 50555 and write a text with the amount of GB you want to purchase. For example 1GB, 2GB, 3GB or 5GB.

Purchase by calling 161

Call 161, then dial number 7( to purchase a package) and then choose which one you want to purchase (1GB-5GB). To confirm your selection press number 1 , to cancel it, press number 2.

POS Purchase

You can purchase our data bundles in our point of sales.

In case your GB capacity cannot be used within the set of time limit, then the remaining GB amount will be transferred after you Top-Up your account with a new internet package.

Afterpurchasing one of the combined packages, it is recommendedto press Airplane Mode ON, wait 10 seconds and then press Airplane Mode Off.

Configuration Instructions