Internet, TV & Phone

Pakot InternetInt 2Int 5Int 10Int 20Int 50Int 100
Mbps deri25102050100

Pakot TelefonTel 0Tel 500Tel 20000Tel NS
Min TiK050020000Non Stop
Min Vala050250500
Vala CUG//400 min me 4 numra Vala/

Tel 2000 includes 400 minutes to 4 different VALA phone numbers chosen by our costumer.

Minutes in TEL 500 (50Min),TEL 2000 (250Min), and TEL NS (500Min) available to Vala Numbers are the same in the combined offers at Double and Triple Deals..

Pako TelefonInt 10Int 20Int 30Int 50Int 100TV ATV B
Tel 50011.99€13.99€14.99€15.99€19.99€6.99€9.99€
Tel 2000013.99€16.99€17.99€18.99€22.99€9.99€12.99
Tel NS15.99€17.99€18.99€20.99€24.99€12.99€15.99€
Pako TVInt 2Int 5Int 10Int 20Int 30Int 50Int 100
Pako A6.99€7.99€8.99€9.99€10.99€11.99€19.99€
Pako B7.99€8.99€9.99€10.99€11.99€12.99€21.99€

Tel 500Int 5Int 10Int 20Int 30Int 50Int 100
TV PAKO A9.99€11.99€13.99€15.99€16.99€21.99€
TV PAKO B12.99€14.99€16.99€18.99€19.99€23.99€
Tel 20000Int 5Int 10Int 20Int 30Int 50Int 100
TV PAKO A11.99€14.49€16.99€19.49€20.99€24.99€
TV PAKO B14.99€17.49€19.99€22.49€23.99€26.99€
Tel NSInt 5Int 10Int 20Int 30Int 50Int 100
TV PAKO A15.99€17.49€19.99€22.49€23.99€26.99€
TV PAKO B18.99€19.49€21.99€23.49€25.99€28.99€